Kaolin Tiger Studios

a pottery studio where art meets science.


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the Studio


Kaolin Tiger Studios is located in Sugar Loaf, NY. Known as the smallest, but best Arts and Crafts Hamlet in the Hudson Valley. We are a two-generation ceramic studio. Started by Ray Boswell as the Bostree Studio, Andrew Boswell has grown Kaolin Tiger Studios from this incubator.

Kaolin, is the base mineral for all clay. Our goal is to work with the precision and relentlessness of a tiger, but never forget our earthly roots.

Andrew Boswell started learning how to make pots in 1986 when he was 3 years old. His father, Ray, who is still a life long American Folk Potter, taught him the foundation. From 2003-2007, Julia Galloway, Rich Hirsch and Liz Howe provided a formal education in Ceramic Art at the Rochester Institute of Technology. In 2009, the last piece of the puzzle settled in and Phil Hamling, a Ceramic Engineer, began teaching Andrew about the technical intricacies of Crystalline Ceramics.

All of these people have imparted valuable lessons and techniques. This combined perspective of Folk Art, Fine Art, Science and a relentless quest to learn more is the reason Andrew can do what others can not.

the Artist




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