Kaolin Tiger Studios

craftsmanship is a slow grind.


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the Artist


Born into a pottery family, Andy has worked with clay his whole life. After a formal education in Ceramics at RIT, Andy cut his teeth as a professional artist selling to galleries and going to crafts fairs throughout his 20s. Now in his 30s, Andy is embracing the connectivity of social media and ceramic innovations, creating a studio of the future. If you want to see his skills in action, you can watch short hyperlapses on YouTube, longer live streams on Facebook and follow his studio life on Instagram.

This industry is as old as humanity itself and while we build on the past, it is 2017 and there is a whole lot of new. Our specialty, crystalline glazes, are a new technological breakthrough that allows a glaze to naturally grow crystals on it's surface. It is a difficult process but it's ability to produce raw beauty is unparalleled. While we admit that beauty is a difficult thing to quantify, we would argue nothing gives more bang for your buck than a crystalline glaze.

the Studio




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