Kaolin Tiger Studios

Craftsmanship is a slow grind.


the Artist


Aesthetics, Process and Efficiency. A deep dive into aesthetics is pivotal so that an artist’s intuition can guide them to the perfect look. Processes must be relentlessly refined so that every task always leads to the best results. Ruthless efficiency must be incorporated because we must always be growing faster, leaner and able to do more with less. Andy’s father, who is also a potter, started teaching these ideas to him as a toddler. They began to crystallize while receiving a formal education in the Ceramic Arts at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Working as a full time potter cauterized these ideas into Andy’s DNA.

The perfect mix of Art and Science. Each piece is made with an extremely pure Grolleg Porcelain so that the brightest colors and smoothest textures are achieved. Andy personally shapes every item with extreme care so that it is both comfortable and beautiful. The glaze recipe has been refined, optimized and mixed as a super saturated zinc solution. The glaze firing climbs to 1280C pushing the melted zinc to stay in solution, but as the kiln’s temperature decreases, then the zinc comes out of solution. It begins growing crystals spontaneously on the surface of the glaze like frost on a window. As Andy zig-zags the temperature up and down, the crystal’s matrix is disrupted while growing, resulting in rings and halos around the crystals. After two days in the kiln, the items are soaked in acid. The acid etches the surface of the glaze dissolving metals from the surface. This brightens the colors and ensures those few metals won’t leach into anyone’s food. Finally every item is rinsed in water and baking soda to neutralize the acid and then cleaned off. The result is strong enough for daily use, and elegant enough for every occasion. Microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.

the Alchemy