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I love what I do, and it would be selfish to keep it all to myself. Every Wednesday I share this experience with others in the form of a class. It is a great stress reliever, has a wonderful sense of community and is an excellent creative outlet.

The classes are a mix of a workshop and a club. Spanning the course of an entire season, (about 13 weeks), you will make as much as you can with 50 pounds of clay for the first 8 weeks, we all start glazing on the 9th week and everything gets glaze fired by the end of the class session. Most of your pieces will be fired in the gas kiln, but I will also allow each student to use crystalline glazes on a few pieces. Then you will have until the 13th week to take your stuff home and decide if you want to register for the next session. I will give specific lessons to show you the tricks of the trade on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th classes and on the 9th and 10th to help you with glazing. During the other classes, my instruction will not be as hands on and the classes take on the form of a club. During this time I will be throwing in the style of a production potter in the studio with you, dictating helpful tips and we will collectively crank out a bunch of pots and fill up the kilns! If you are a beginner, you can expect me to give a little more hands on attention and help you get going. I also have a small but growing video tutorial series that you can view to learn even more.

The two classes to register for are the morning session, running 10:30am - 1pm and the evening session, running from 6:30pm - 9:00pm. You are encouraged to be around for the class you register for, and you are welcome to also come outside of class time and get extra practice. You can expect me to be in the downstairs student studio every Wednesday from 10am - 9pm. On other days of the week, I will usually be working in my private studio on the 3rd floor. These two classes are the only classes our studio offers and we only have the time and space to support a total of 12 students. Clay from one session does not roll over into the next session, (though we aren’t extremely strict on this) and once your class is over, we really need you to take your stuff home, (though we aren’t extremely strict on this either and will allow a grace period). We want to offer an experience you love, but we are very tight on space and the studio does get congested.

Classes cost $385 and are taught on the first floor of the Bostree Studio, located at 54 Wood Road, Sugar Loaf, NY. Our studio is fully equipped with a throwing wheel for every person, clay, glazes, tools, Giffin Grips, plaster wedging blocks and plenty of work space (26 x 32 ft.). Classes are small, 6 students max, so you get a lot of individual attention and we all get to be friends.

If you think you are interested feel free to send me an email at SonOfAPotter@GMail.com . I look forward to hearing from you!

2019 Class Schedule:

Spring Session: March 20 - June 19

Summer Session: June 26 - September 18

Fall Session: September 25 - December 18

Winter Session: January 8 - March 18